there are some changes that have to be done

are experiencing setback in your life ?well this actually happens to many people yet they are not aware that people can be setback .It might be your friend ,your sister or anyone

what does it help for you to have many people yet they are causing a setback in your life .Before you value other people lives learn to value your life because you cannot express love to people while you cant express love for yourself .How can you tell your friend you love them while you cant accept who you are first that that is the first start to stop setbacks

some friends are not meant to be your friends ,you might think that you have many friends yet there are specific people who can be your friends .Well let me tell you about myself i have lot of people who call them my friends because i care for many people and i can listen thou through this journey of life it came to a point where i had to move to city and leave many of my friends home then i realize some friends were not meant to be my friends and to be honest i dont regret to leave them behind

some certain friends may make you to hide yourself from who you are .They might make you to live according to how they want you to be ,well learn to be yourself then you will realize how important you are .Sometimes we have to loose family to be our true identity if they are your set back its okay leave them behind until you find what you want then they will see you wanted this with your life ,they might support you who knows

your identity has nothing to do with your friends or you parents .It only need YOU



being inlove its an awesome thing yet lot of energy is required

how many people will stand and say they have been inlove for such quite time i really agree we have bee in a relationship so many time .Many people had promised heaven and earth ,they looked very concern and willing to stay ,although there is no relationship without sacrifice ,love ,commitment and being yourself

Dont expert that always it will be so romantic and having fun in everything you do ,there will be time where things seems so wrong but this doesnt mean that you are not meant to be .God works where things look so messy .That one i assure you learn to appreciate your partner in whatever that they are good at ,you dont have to look serious in everything .If you support your partner things looks good than looking at each other as if you cant see nothing

Whether you like it or not sacrifice have to be made ,there will be some things that you have to give it time for your partner ,this looks not easy but at the end of the day it has to be done .Commitment look so hard ,I have seen lot of people not commited as i speak some are even married yet there are still not commited to their partner .Once you are in a relationship learn to commit and dedicate yourself in your relationship after all this is your investment

there is nothing that can defeat love .Love your partner the way they are ,if you love something ,you love it unconditional .It is your duty that they look so worth dont disvalue them ,make them feel special according to how you show your love to them .Love is peace ,it never look for excuses .They day you met your partner should be the day that you value and give it a reason why you met and what made you to love them ever since .Love defines a relationship


My mind and my soul thought that this was just a play after all happened .I couldnt breath yet i ask for more ,i mean it is everyone joy to have what they want in a certain time .This was a story i shall tell, couldnt see what was ahead of me because i thought i was broken million times

At first i thought i will never continue with this journey that am embarking ,i would literally die when i saw my friends had what i wanted .I wanted to feel loved ,respected and have the joy that seems to be everlasting father ,but sadly i didnt get all of those things that time

Time passed and passed but then i remembered that i dont need anyone to be happy .I stood up and dusted my pain ,my sorrow and my tears and become happy .Now i could see opportunities that was ahead of me .The fact that the broke my heart a thousand time it was a history itself .Nobody could understand how i felt but what matters is that after what happened i could stand up

words cannot change my braveness,sword that was meant to destroy me cannot destroy my character because am strong .The scars i had during every beaten emotion cannot tear me apart ,i can stand still and face my challenge .Feelings that i had and turn to break me ,this time its a history to be told

My life is not defined by anything else ,but my life is defined by LOVE

my life values more than anything

I have seen lot of things that are happening around our lives yet no one says much .per day we have lot of story about suicide suddenly man are the once who are experiencing such case.I have realise that they kill themselves because they cant speak yet i believe that everybody has a voice to speak and say how they feel it doesnt matter if its a man or a lady .Imagine over a month 400 men kill themselves i prefer that we value ourselve

women seems to be strong yet sometimes they cant .they tend to be dump when it comes to love even when we are hurt we tend to keep quite .We are flowers that grows everyday and become beautiful everyday

Before you love someone ,love yourself and appriciate who you are .value your life before you allow someone to value you ,one day he\she might disvalue you .Its all about you no one else .Make yourself beautiful and kill them with the smile

women are great examples in our lives

How can we explain a women ,she is smart ,brave ,she is the strength of many nations ,she is a sweet gardener that many people might like to have flowers from .she is not just any women but she is fantastic .you can discribe her in many ways than none can think of

when you see any president ,lecture,teacher and CEO you name them all .Keep it in your mind they were born out of women .Words do not tear them apart but they make them to accept the challenge and make an impart .Scars do not not turn them to monsters but they make them brave and move on ,they are just one in a million .

just go to her house first thing you will see love ,they are defined by love and they wonderfully made .whatever she start she make sure she finished it ,they can endure pain and keep smiling

nothing can stop you from being who are

I have been looking at things that made me who i am today ,believe me when i say i am what i am because of being real to myself than setting a life which i was not .I have done things i was not proud of ,had friends which my background could not stand a chance ,made my family be dissapointed but guess what i have discovered who i am at this moment

At first i thought that being with friends will make me happy but then it was a choice to make yet i choose which i could not contain imagine being at high school with a pocket money which was like a change to your friends, then i decided to remain truthful to myself ,after all i had to accept that this is what my mom afford than making my life to be difficult

Never compare yourself to other people whom you are not ,learn to compare yourself and add more value to yourself .Dont ever compromise yourself do whats best for you not for other people .what does it help for you to please the whole nation while you are suffering ,in everything compete with making yourself to have value